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Create the environment to thrive in.


Home Design

The focus

Since 2012, We’ve been providing design consulting services to clients from San Diego to Washington D.C.. From contemporary modern home renovations to innovative renewable energy solutions, our focus is always on building an efficient and design for my homeowners. We'll work with you to create a customized design plan for your home and more. Get in touch to learn more about our vision and consulting approach in creating a home you no longer just dream about.


Create Your Own Power

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Art in Homes


Connect with your home.

Set up your home with the most cutting edge technology and let it give you ease of mind. From safety and security to comfort and convenience, we have everything you need to bring your home into the 21st century with style. 

Modern Architecture


Straight from the Source

Best decision I've made! Solar is the way to go and Alyass is the best Project Manager for the job. Thank you and DAS Modern Homes so much for not only helping me get the best Solar bid, but being so responsive and patient with me. 

Ryan G.

I would have been lost without Alyass' help. The most understanding and fun process I've ever experienced. Thank you for all your help and my home has never looked better!

Christy K.

Thank you DAS Modern Homes! I started with just wanting solar, but so happy to have met you guys and now reached net zero and get credits from the system installed. I love my new Smart Home features too! 

Mohd F.


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